95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

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95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

A lot of the time, many transmission problems, including noise and shifting issues, can be solved by simply swapping out the worn transmission fluid for a high-quality, synthetic replacement. Clutch If your Chevy S10 is equipped with a manual transmission, a common malfunction is clutch wear. This happens when the clutch plate wears down over time, not allowing a proper connection between the engine and transmission. Signs of a slipping clutch are inconsistent clutch pedal feel, clutch slippage upon acceleration or a burnt plastic smell from worn clutch components after normal driving. Synchronizers The Chevy S10 transmission features gear synchronizers, which match the speeds of different gears between shifts, allowing for a smooth operation of the transmission. Worn synchronizers may lead to harsh shifts or gear grinding. Excessive transmission whine under acceleration is another sign of worn synchronizers. Cylinders The Chevy S10 features a hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic transmissions incorporate a hydraulic fluid system to operate the clutch assembly. Malfunctioning clutch hydraulic cylinders will not hold adequate pressure, and may leak clutch fluid. This can lead to a soft and inconsistent clutch pedal feel, as well as improper clutch disengagement when pushing in the clutch pedal. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. More Articles How to Reset the Computer on an Audi. How to Troubleshoot a Dodge Truck. Common Ford Truck Transmission Problems How to Replace a TCC Solenoid on a 2000. Ford Escape Transmission Problems Causes of Blown Transmission Seals Clutch Slave Cylinder Troubleshooting Problems With Pontiac Sunfire. Transmission fluid level check chevrolet s10 1994 2004 1996 chevrolet s10 4.3l v6. 1998 chevy s10 pickup..s10 one has a 2.5l and the other has a 2.8l they both have 5 spd manual transmissions will either motor bolt to the other with no problems Both motors will bolt to both.s10 4x4 4.http://kardelendalgicpompa.com/uploadfiles/3rd-gen-camaro-owners-manual.xml

3L manual transmission no 3rd gear 92 chevy s10 4x4 4.3L manual transmission works in all gears but 3rd.I know the bolt pattern for the block is different from the 60deg blocks then the 90deg blocks and im assuming the transmissions are geared a little for torque and horsepower ratings but other then that is the transmission the same one they put in the 2.8 as they put in the 4.3? Im ran into a problem at my. Not too long ago i had a similar problem with my S-10 where the clutch would not fully disengage and the check engine light was on. The problem was that the pressure plate was not properly torqued and. 1997 Chevy S-10 V6 4.3L Replaced all brake lines, springs. Although not as common today, millions of Americans still choose to drive manual transmission vehicles. Here are a few maintenance tips for your stick shift. If your Chevy S10 is equipped with a manual transmission, a common malfunction is clutch wear. Signs of a slipping clutch are inconsistent clutch pedal feel, clutch slippage upon acceleration. Hi Everyone, I own a 2006 Chevy Colorado Extreme with the 2.8L I4 and a 5 speed manual tranny. The truck. The problem is more prevalent in cold weather and after the truck has sat over night. I attribute. What about your own experiences with this transmission; are you experiencing similiar problems? 3 min - Uploaded by Eric SeltzerI made this video on Sunday, October 5, 2014, showing my 1991 Chevrolet S10 Pickup 2WD. Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Transmission Problems. See photos of. its a 93 s10 2.8 with a 5 speed and 1st thru 3rd gears are making a horrible noise like theres metal broke in the pan.I have a 93 chevy s10 2.8 liter v6 and am having problems bleeding the clutch it has an alan wrench bleeder on top of the slave cylinder and i have. Shop for Chevy S-10 Clutch Set online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Get a free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store.http://www.katecheza.radom.opoka.net.pl/userfiles/3rd-generation-ipod-classic-manual.xml

I have a 1993 Chevy S10 pickup with the manual transmission RPO MW1. Original clutch. Con: Red paint is a disaster. Has been since truck was 5 years old. Interior shredded after 7 years. AC leaks failure began at 7 years. Dash lights completely failed at 15. Find great deals on eBay for S10 5 Speed Transmission in Complete Manual Transmissions. Shop with confidence. Having problem with your GMC and Chevrolet manual transmission. Need parts? Need to answer the question what manual transmission do I have in my Chevrolet S10. We offer a complete line manual transmission parts, rebuild kits and overhaul kits for most General Motors GMC and Chevrolet trucks. Select you model. I changed so far plug and oil car putters when trying to drive also change thermostat and coolant and all vacuum lines are in the right place egr is bad but can this cause this problem or is there a valve lash problem i just got this truck it seems to run strong but all i know it needs some tlc also replaced brake. The other day i was at leaving work truck started just fine, drove it home shut it off.If you definitely must have a 4-cylinder, stick with manual shift. The 2.8-liter V6 is adequate for most 2-wheel-drive requirements, but the brawny 4.3-liter engine sends these trucks to the head of their class for. One way to figure out if your skills and tool rollaway are up to the task is to buy the V-8 swap “bibles,” Chevrolet S-10 Truck V-8 Conversion Manual and.Transmission problems can be expensive but here are some do-it-yourself diagnostic and repair informational guides to help save you money.Results 1 - 10 of 226. Now I can get a 2.8 motor with a 5 speed manual out of a 93 s10 for cheap. Would this motor fit and I want to swap. I put a full camaro setup in my s10 and that was one of the problems I ran across. Dale is offline. AMS AUTOMOTIVE PS04822 Pre-Bled clutch system; includes slave cylinder, master cylinder, and connecting line Info One of our most popular parts. FitsAutomatic trans.

; Except Getrag OrManual trans.; Getrag. The Chevrolet Colorado and its counterpart, the GMC Canyon, are mid-size pickup trucks marketed by American automaker General Motors. They were introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 compact pickups. It is named for the U.S. state of Colorado. Finally got my tax returns back a week ago and needed to get a car, me and my wife had settled on an older used SUV since it would have room for the family and have cargo room to take up camping and stuff, and I wanted 4WD for playing up in the mountains. So, I jump the gun and get an '85 S10 Blazer 4x4 with the 2.8L. This conversion will also require the elimination of the two ears of the transmission as illustrated in the GM Automatic Transmission section of this manual. To compensate for this. Owner's Manual. Welcome. This manual was pre.pared to acquaint you with the operarlon and maintenance of your 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup and to.provide. Battery Charging. System. BRAKE. Fuel. Engine Oil. Pressure. SHIFT. Brake. (Standard Cluster). Shift Light. Here are some other symbols you may see. Fuse. I bought the truck had to replace engine (due to my driving style) new clutch new tires and breaks.Reliability. star. Comfort. star. Exterior Design. star. Performance. star. Interior. star. 91 s10 2.8 litre. I've only put 6000 miles on it so farThe compact Chevrolet S10 pickup truck premiered as a 1982 model and was replaced by the Colorado after the 2004 model year. When equipped with the most fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine and manual transmission, the S10's gas mileage ratings floated in the high twenty mile per gallon (MPG). The 700r4 transmission replaced the 3-speed TH350, and became a popular upgrade for older rear wheel drive GM vehicles. Slipping between 3rd-4th gears can signal a problem with the clutch pack that engages those gears. Overheating can. I have done this job on an 87 S10 with 2.8 litre engine and automatic transmission.

In a perfect world, replacing the starter could be done in about 30 minutes, but if you run ito the same complications that I did, and wish to avoid any disasterous consequences, be prepared to spend an hour or two. I'll also. The automatic transmission dipstick tube can be a problem if it's installed after the engine and trans are in the truck. Firewall. They returned, presenting us with a single copy of the Chevrolet S-10 Truck V-8 Conversion Manual from JTR Publishing, stating this was all we would need to complete our quest. It's been several years since I had a truck with a manual, but I don't recall my old ('94) S-10's transmission being like this. Also, I've noticed a vibration. I'm assuming this is the same problem and is easily correctable, but I would have thought GM would have taken care of this by now. Overall, I'm loving the. See what Orlando Sentinel has to say about the 1991 Chevrolet S-10.Two other engine choices are. That powerful V-6 engine could cause problems. On wet pavement, the rear. Having problems diagnosing difficulties with your T5 World Class 5 Speed manual transmission, we are able to help. The second most common problem found in the T5 non World Class 5 speed transmission is damage caused by incorrect speed shifting, this will destroy synchronizers. Bearing Rebuilt Kit Chevrolet S10. Most problems in transmissions and engines are the result of leaking hoses, fittings, gaskets and. All non-Chevrolet applications were vehicles that used a Chevy powerplant such as the 2.8 and 4.3 V-6 engines and the 305 and 350 Chevy small-block V-8 engines. Ford uses two different offset starters, depending on the transmission being used. Chevy engines uses two different tooth.I have heard those motors are questionable too,one of their biggest problems is oil leaks.Just treat it with. In the late 80's, running QS 10w-30, and 6 month OCI per the manual. I ended up. i need to know what tranny i have i own a 96' GMC Jimmy 4x4 with a 4.

3 vortech and a 5 speed manual trans.Problem is i dont know what the tranny is called and i need. When it was installed i put a new GM tv cable and adjusted according to instructions. Now the transmission will work normally in reverse and 1st gear. The motor will rev very high in first gear and get to about 30 mph. It feels like it is slipping at this point. It will not shift. The truck would go. I bought a 5 speed transmission off a v6 camaro (1988) and the bellhousing is too small to bolt to a first generation small block chevy.Does anyone know if there is a stock bellhousing that will bolt to. I got extremely lucky, my particular car is a 2.8 v6 coupled to a 4-speed manual with 4WD, it is the 2 door sport model, but it has air shocks in the back. The Clutch: This car had the single easiest clutch to learn on the engine is torque-y enough to get anyone used to driving manual, and on top of the the transmission is from. I have a 98 ford touras it been having transmission problems and it just started leaking what will help it last a little bit longer. Reply. BlueDevil Pro says. I have a 1996 chevy s10 manual tranny and there is a leak near the back axle and I found out that it is my Transmission seal. How do I fix it? Reply. The transmission fluid capacity of the T5 is 2.8 quarts. The T5 transmission was a 5 speed manual transmission that was first produced in 1980 by Borg-Warner. Some significant modifications were available beginning around 1985 as the transmission made the transition from the non-world class to the world class model. Q: I have a 1992 Chevy S-10 pickup with a five-speed transmission. I was going to change the transmission fluid for the first time, but when I pulled the plug, the fluid was reddish and smelled like automatic transmission fluid. I always thought that manual transmissions used gear oil. What fluid should I be. The generous YJ engine bay allows for a comfortable, clean fit for GM Small Block V6, V8 and even Big Block V8 engines.

These Jeeps are a most.So if the TV cable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems. The TV cable is. However, remember that on the 700R4 and 2004R Transmission the TV cable controls both shift feel (clutch apply pressure) and shift points, you therefore cannot alter one without altering the other. Let's discuss. I essentially gave up and took it to a mechanic. The fuel pump was dead. What happened was my fuel pump was dying. It was providing around 5psi of pressure when it needed around 9-14psi. I replaced the clutch twice. I did a full brake job twice. I replaced the AC high. The only problem I have with the truck is that its only a 4 speed manual, so you have to stick around 55-60 miles per hour to get good mileage. All in all, I love this. Hi, My S-10 has a 5 speed behind the 2.8l, If I change out the bell-houseing would that bolt up to 4.3l with the V8 bolt pattern. I have already talked to guys with the same trans in their 4.3 1500 and they have had no problems. We got a. If the rear differential noise is characterized by clunking every two or three feet, then there is a great chance that a broken ring gear is the problem with the section. I have a 1996 S10 pickup, very well maintained, now with 135,000 miles. The vehicle is an '86 Chevy S10 4WD with a weakling 2.8 V6. Managing a mere 83 hp, it might have been a passable choice for a stick-shift 2wd S-10 pickup, but the BOF Blazer was not the lightweight the unibody Cherokee was. Actually, in. In reality, most of them came with the optional 2.8 V6, the longitudinal version of GM's evergreen 60 degree V6. It sucked an. The Vortec 4.3-liter V6 engine was hooked up to a new Getrag-designed five-speed manual transmission for 1990, making for the quickest Chevrolet S-10 Blazer yet. Motor Trend reports. But even with this great honor, it is undeniable that the S-10 Blazer had been known to have some problems. Here are some of them.

Advance Adapters' precision transmission adapters and motor mount kits complement the legendary Cummins reliability in this contemporary,”clean” technology.Each swap left room. RPO codes: MC0, MG5, M20, MY6, M62, M64 — Lubricate the clutch fork ball stud through the fitting on the clutch housing found on some models. Lubricate this bail stud “sparingly,” as too much lubrication may cause problems with the clutch assembly. 3. ENGINE IDLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT (CARBURETED ENGINES. It's a real pain, I'm nearing the end of this swap right now with one main problem still unresolved.The transmission fluid capacity of the T5 is 2.8 quarts. With street rod manual transmission parts from. Speedway. Just what I needed to mate Chevy 400 SBC to 1994 Ford T5 WC. If searched for a book 1998 chevy s10 manual transmission diagram in pdf form, in that case you come on to correct site. We presented the. problems of the 1998. Details of the automatic transmission problems of the 1998 Chevrolet S10. Your transmission is a complex system with a very wide range of components. That's true whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission. With that being said, slipping is much more common in an automatic transmission than in a manual, so we'll focus our attention there. Really, the primary cause of slipping in a. You can Read 91 Chevy 4x4 Manual Transmission Fluid or Read Online 91 Chevy. 4x4 Manual Transmission Fluid.Malibu Lt Engine Diagram 1995 s10 manual transmission diagram with Chevy Malibu Lt Engine Diagram on 85 Z28 Camaro. Order Oil Pan Gasket Set for your vehicle and pick it up in store today.Motor Trend reviews the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. I had an oil leak so I changed out the rear main, oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, o-ring on distributor, along with replacing the whole clutch assembly and fly wheel while I was at it.

It still looks like I have a small oil drip some place but it could just be. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! The problem gets worse the warmer the engine temperature gets. Had clutch, throw-out bearing, etc., replaced and made no difference. Also there's a distinct squeaking noise from the clutch pedal. Any ideas? It does this over and over. Seems to idle too fast also. 1995 Chevy S-10 Automatic. I am having the same difficulty and could use some help. The problem gets worse the warmer the engine temperature gets. Any ideas? Do you think the slave cylinder might be the problem? Bob It hasn't done it lately, but if I find out anything I'll pass it on.It could very possibly be the slave cyl. The speedometer don't work either. I'm in desperate need for some help. The clutch is pushed all the way in, and it takes some pushing to get the stick into first. If i am stopped on a steep hill i can put it in first and then take my foot off of the break and i wont roll back. What the heck? I have had it rebulit 3 times and it is going out again. What can I swap it out with? Had the same problem with my 86 S-10. You have a hydraulic clutch right. Suggest you check your clutch master cylinder for a full resevoir and bleed the clutch. If no help you might need a new clutch. Stopped the leak, but. It runs pretty stable in 1st and 2nd, 3rd is a little weird with the speedometer moving all over the place, then getting into drive (4th?) seems to have a problem until it's finally in there, but the speedo doesn't settle down. Some funny noises, good, clean fluid level. My Haynes manual suggests making sure the vent is clear, but there's no pictures and I can't find it. I don't see an old-fashioned modualtor to be sure the hoses are hooked up and there are som strange noises, like running a stick acroos a picket fence. Sound familiar? Did anyone come back to you with a swap option or suggestions?

harryevan We have no control over who may use it (and sometimes maliciously), plus it's more benefiocial to the group when answers are posted here where someone who may be having the same problem can see it.It appears the oil is around the Rear of the engine. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Friend said it sounds like Front Tranny seal and rear main seal on the engine. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated. The shifter was stuck in 4 low, as the linkage broke while shifting back out of 4 low. This part, which has a plastic insert pressed into it, is what is broken. Can anyone please help me locate a name for it. THANKS in advance!! It acts as if it is in neutral. Any idea what is wrong? Sometimes when I depress the clutch it whines a bit but not always. What could be the problem? In general though, if you have a throw-out bearing that's on its way out, it will act up it's worse when you press in the clutch. How many miles on the truck or since you last replaced the clutch. If your S-10 has a slave cylinder you might check it's fluid reservoir to make sure it isn't low. If its not the hydraulic type and has the mechanical type linkage you might check the adjustment. Sometimes they get just enough slop in them to set up a vibration our resonance that is irritating. Good luck It had been getting closer and closer for about a week. Now it goes all the way to the floor, truck will start, but I can't get it to shift into any gears. Is it my clutch?:sick: David Does it have a slave cylinder that's leaking or dry on fluid. Does it have adjustments to it. You are correct in that if the clutch can't disengage, shifting is next to impossible while the engine is running. It has a slave cylinder, if that is like a brake cylinder, the fluid level is fine and there are no leaks. It would be upsetting if a person stood on the clutch and the pedal wouldn't go to the floor. On a non-hydraulic clutch, most common is slipping.

On hydraulic driven clutch as yours, the problem sounds like the clutch won't disengage. If the hydraulics aren't leaking externally perhaps its master cylinder is leaking internally. On brake master cylinders which are similar, sometimes wear and age on the piston seals will leak by causing the brakes to feel spongy with out external leaks. John But it want let me shift into any gear. I pushed hard on the shifter and it want go into any gears. David:sick: On older trucks, especially column shift, they would get double shift, or stuck in two gears at the same time. However, I don't think that's your situation. Even if your clutch was on its way out, you should still be able to disengage and shift gears. Good luck, It ended up being the Clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder and a clutch kit.It drives great with plenty of power, but coasting down hill with the clutch out, it will pop out of 5th gear. But I can push it back in and give it a little gas and it'll stay. And also when I put it into reverse, sometimes it'll not go all the way in(but feels like it is, because it will not go any further) and not go no where and I have to stop and put it on in. Do you know what this might be. Thank you. Jeremy When I have major internal tranny repair I pull it out and take it to a transmission shop. But before you do that I would suggest letting the transmission shop people take it on a test drive first. Its free and that way you know what your up against. I've experienced the same problem before on trucks, jeeps, and back hoes. Its no fun going down a steep grade and it jumps out of gear. Good luck If I put it in 4 low and 4 hi and it does the same. In two wheel it's fine. I drove it to work in 4x4 and it was fine, but the drive home was different. I've had it in 4x4 before and it was ok. Any ideas for a possible solution?? It sure don't sound good Tranny makes a whining noise sometimes when cold. Sounds like a pump problem.

A few questions: Which line is the low pressure one. The top or bottom one that goes into the radiator. Someone told me the filter is internal. I believe I have the deep pan tranny. Any major hassles replacing. Going to idle the truck with the low pressure line inserted into a container while I add fresh fluid. How many quarts needed? Thanks Its free and they will give you some insight. Unless you do heavy towing the extra tranny cooler is superfluous. In most cases the radiator cooler is all you need. The top line or the bottom line have the same pressure. One is supply to radiator and the other is return. My guess is the one on top is in and the one on the bottom is out. The last time I flushed out my cooler(which is a heat exchanger inside the radiator) I used a can of flush I got at the parts store. It comes with a hose and fitting attached. The reason I did it then was I just had my transmission overhauled and it was required for the guarantee. With both lines disconnected at the transmission I attached the hose to one line and used half of the can in one direction, then reversed, using the remainder of can the other way. To change the transmission filter its not complicated but it is messy, no matter what way you go about it. When I had the pan off I installed a drain plug, which helps in subsequent changes, but its still a mess. I don't recommend the blood letting procedure your alluding to in your post. I think if I was going to go that route I would take it to a transmission shop where they can hook it up to their flush equipment and back flush. Normally 40K miles isn't enough miles for the trans to be worn out. To me 40K is just starting to get broke in. But then again I usually drive them till the wheels fall off. Good luck, After that the manual transimission slipped a little when I first took off but then seemed ok after I started rolling. This was usually for short trips around town.

Gradually it got worse and after a 20 mile trip I noticed a foul smell and the truck would not move. The clutch master cylinder has fluid, the clutch pedal offers resistance when I depress it. Sometimes the truck tries to move forward or backward just a little. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks They won't charge you just to trouble shoot it for you and they can also give you an estimate on cost of repair.:shades: Apparently, a pump went out between the radiator and the transmission allowing the fluids to mix. I'm kind of sorry we bought it and would like to hear some good things about the chevy S10 if there are any. I have done moderate towing before with 4.3 S-10s and had no problems. Of course every thing has its limitations. Once I towed a Uhaul trailer packed out with probably 2.5k lbs. of household goods from Houston to St. Louis with no problems, no strain. Your circumstances are baffling. The transmission heat exchanger is sealed inside the radiator. I would be disappointed too. I guess a person can get a lemon in any make or model.:sick: I thought it might have been a ruined clutch. I took the truck to the shop and had a clutch kit and master cylinder install and it runs well now. birdman4 That is, my engine accelerates, but the transmission does not seem to engage. By putting the transmission in neutral and letting my truck roll backwards to level ground, the transmission will engage when it is put back into Drive. Any idea what the problem may be? Thanks! There is a cold check on the stick at the bottom reading, this is just to get you in the ball park. By hot, truck run 10-15 miles. Problem is I now seem to have no horsepower and it has a tough time changing gears. I got the engine from a yard and it ran before it was taken out, but it was on a manual truck and mine is an automatic. It only wants to shift when I let off the gas, if I keep on it it'll just rev till it blows (I'm assuming, never let it rev that high for to long).

Any help you guys could give on where to start looking would be helpful. Thanks in advance First Post -Bob And my RPMs stay high whenever the whining noise if there. No fuel pump engaging it doesnt turn over crank nothing. Its like u didnt even turn the key any ideas?? Just bought it but no info. Original tranny, having It sounds like a Subaru, and it is very hard to drive. After. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Was driving down high way lost all gears but one.no warning nothing. Only have fourth gear it's like all other gears are none existent. Shifter moves freely. Chevy Silverado manual tranz it started to click in Was driving down high way lost all gears but My water pump quits for a short I discovered my ca. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Putting my 3rd manual transmission into a 1988 Chev S10 2.8v6 4x4. Whats the problem with this tranny. Is there an upgrade. Try adjusting the Shift linkage Just happened yesterday. Took it to Pep Boys. They diagnosed it as a bad fuel injector. He has a 4 cyclinder manual transmission. Now that they're looking at. Hi: Your transmission has 3 shift rails. 1st - 2nd. Swap in a known-good PCM, check wiring, check other sensors such as VSS and TPS. 3rd Can you smell fuel? if not bang on the gas tank and try again if that. I don't have much technical knowledge but I just followed it step. It can be identified by its two-piece aluminum case with integrated bell housing and top-mounted tower shifter.However the Jeep NV3550 bellhousing bolts to the transmission case.Externally the earlier GM units look like the NV3500; however the internal components were extensively redesigned.The second design has a much larger single ball bearing.Small trucks S10 etc. M50Retrieved 2008-10-16. CS1 maint: archived copy as title ( link ) Retrieved 2008-02-13.

CS1 maint: archived copy as title ( link ) By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Spread the word. Be the first! One day heard this slight noise while sitting at a traffic light. As I accelerated I noticed the power changed. I was only going a couple of blocks to my destination and had no need to go no more then 25 -30 miles per hour. Parked car and came back. Truck would not go into reverse and the idle seemed very high. The truck would go into drive but I had to shift the gears to get to 3rd (this is a automatic). I check trans fluid which I felt was low and I couldn't put in any myself thus 2k for transmission. My mechanic said trans was weak blah blah blah I'm ready to sell the truck although the truck has been good to me the past few years. The dealership said the transmission was out. 60,000 miles later and I am back in for my second transmission replacement. This sucks! I was out of town on business when all of a sudden my tranny made a horrible noise and I lost 1st 3rd and reverse. I limped to the nearest dealer to get it looked at. I only had 53000 miles on the thing. The dealer found a manufacturing defect in the sun gear that caused it to fail, stripping the shell. I talked them into just rebuilding the transmission, saving me a couple hundred bucks. I placed a call to Chevrolet about what the dealer had found but they insisted there was nothing they could do to help me with cost because it was out of warranty. When I presented evidence of a manufacturing defect they simply stopped taking my calls. I have family that works for GM but I don't believe I will ever buy one of their vehicles again. The sun shell and sun gear stripped teeth. These cars are pieces of crap!!! Don't Buy American!!! Now I am at 110,000 miles and lost the trans again. It seems every 50,000 miles or so I need a replacement. Any ideas??? The vehicle was supposed to be the the best S-10 trim, more like a beast. Contact us with any comments or concerns.